How to warm up aged leads with a drip email campaign

Always start with the audience...

Where did these leads come from and what have the customers already experienced?

  • Internet leads - filled out a web form and provided name, email, phone number, and probably some basic details on what they are looking for
  • They were sold to multiple lead buyers - in real time
  • Most of these buyers will have called and emailed them a couple of times within the first week and maybe a few more times over the next couple of weeks
  • Depending on what you buy and their own behavior (we'll assume they haven't filled out more forms or asked for additional quotes), they probably have not been contacted for weeks or months

What do we have to work with in order to build a good re-engagement experience?

  • We know they requested information online and provided their contact information
  • We know most sales folks are poor at following up with unresponsive leads
  • We know when they made their request (i.e., filled out the form)
  • We know what they were looking for
  • We know that they had some interest in your product

Let's build a drip email campaign to turn these into fresh leads.

First, a couple of notes on what NOT to do to email these leads:

  • DON'T email folks that have not opted-in to be contacted via email
  • DON'T bcc: email them from your personal email
  • DON'T load them into Constant Contact, MailChimp, or any bulk emailing software

Here is the quick checklist for cold emailing:

Clean and verify the deliverability of your list with Validity
Establish a similar domain to be used specifically for warming up cold email lists. We use Kaleidico.co set up on Google Apps
Use a tool like MailShake to methodically engage your cold list
Create a 3-5 email warmup (welcome) series
  • Tell them how you got their information
  • Tell them how you can help them
  • Give them something of value
  • Let them know how they can tell you to piss off
  • Immediately respond to EVERY reply (even the negative ones) - this humanizes you and your email
Move them into your long-term lead nurturing campaign - MailChimp or bulk email software is fine for that. Create an automated email campaign to stay engaged and top of mind. This prevents from going cold again.

Simple Aged Leads Scripts