Complete Guide to Sales Scripts

Get the Complete Guide to Sales Scripts Course. Learn my personal approach to creating and using sales scripts. Plus, get bonus lessons in working aged leads.

Ultimate Guide to Sales Scripts

I'm Bill Rice the founder of Kaleidico, a lead generation agency. I’ve worked with mortgage lenders, insurance brokers, and law firms for over 20 years, turning their websites into consumer direct lead generating marketing platforms. During this time I have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and worked with some of the best companies and minds in lead generation.

So, I know a thing or two about lead generation.

But, in generating and delivering all of these leads as well as running sales teams at Quicken Loans, owning a mortgage company, and working with some of the best sales teams in the business, I’ve picked up a few nuggets on how to close deals.

More importantly, it has taught me how to create sales systems, process, and most importantly automation that works the leads and lets you focus on talking to live bodies.

In this course, I’m sharing my experience on how to write effective sales scripts and use them to close more deals.

Over time, you’ll tweak and tune the techniques and examples I have in here to build your own sales playbook. But, this will definitely accelerate your journey to top producer.

Who is this for?

  • Sales people that believe top producers are made, not born. Oh, and it takes some work and willingness to practice
  • Individual sales reps that are looking to improve their close rates
  • Sales directors and team leads that want to teach and train their teams to be top producers
  • Call centers and companies that want to give their sales directors a playbook to improve their team and drive more production

For this to really work:

1. You have to commit to and trust the process

Confidence is key in sales. Like a lot of performance sports, it takes an effective training program and lots of quality reps to become a top performer. This process builds the confidence to give customers the experience they need to say, “Yes!”

But, to get there you have to commit to do the work and trust the process. Work this system and your outreach and pitches will yield more and your journey to top producer will be shorter.

2. Understand that rejection is part of the game

Most of your leads will not be referrals. The advantage is that you can generate a consistent and predictable pipeline of opportunities, but they aren’t softballs. You’re going to get a lot of “no thank you’s” and a few “no, f$%k you’s,” but the volume will bring you an unbelievable amount of closed deals and commissions.

Don’t take it personally. I recommend even being a little empathetic. Consider that these folks often come into your conversation with stress and baggage that thankfully you don’t have to take on.

3. You’ll need a few tools

You can’t work leads or create a scaleable sales process with a legal pad and spreadsheets. I’ve tried.

The numbers and follow up process you need to hit that top producer tier is simply too large and three dimensional. At a minimum, you’ll need to learn to leverage your CRM system.

You might even need to flip the bill for some more sophisticated tools that can automate voicemail drops, text messaging, and email campaigns in a coordinated way.

Here is my current recommended Tools List.

4. You’ll need to learn a little tech

Sales automation is a must in today’s sales world. Sales scripts are worthless without people to talk to and you don’t want to spend all of your time dialing for dollars.

Learn to generate leads and leverage data to fill your database with opportunity.

You will need to learn to import leads from a CSV file and layout message sequences - automated voicemail drops, text messages, and emails.

5. You’ll need to learn a little marketing

Early outreach and long-term lead nurturing is marketing. You need to commit to learning a little marketing. First and foremost learn to be a great copywriter. This skill will improve your email and text message conversions and make your phone calls sound like siren songs as you improve those sales scripts.


In this course, you’ll learn:

✓ What aged leads are and how to get them

✓ How to setup sales automation to warm them up and turn them into live opportunities

✓ How to write and implement email, text, and voicemail outreach campaigns

✓ How to create sales automation that help schedule appointments

✓ How to create sales scripts and structure phone calls that close

✓ Other random sales tips that come to me as I go along